The Mild Steel MK12 Monoblock Pump Set is an electrically powered pumping unit primarily used for water transfer in residential, agricultural, and small-scale industrial settings. Here’s a description:


“The Mild Steel MK12 Monoblock Pump Set is a versatile and efficient water pumping system designed for domestic, agricultural, and light industrial applications. Crafted from durable mild steel, this pump set features a compact monoblock design that houses the pump and motor in a single unit, simplifying installation and maintenance. Powered by electricity, it offers ease of use and reliability for consistent water pumping needs. The MK12 model ensures efficient water transfer, suitable for tasks such as supplying water to residential buildings, irrigating small to medium-sized fields, and managing water in industrial setups. Its sturdy construction and dependable performance make it a valuable asset for users seeking a reliable and durable water pumping solution.”


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